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Marcus L. Rowland

Another bundle of Holding offer - alternative history games and time travel

Bundle of the Ages +2 is a collection of alt-historical and fantastic-historical games, with the Timemaster time travel game added as a way of getting from one setting to another. This offer runs until Wednesday, September 2.

STARTER COLLECTION (US$8.95 - retail value $41)
  • Age of Arthur (Wordplay Games, $15)
  • On Her Majesty's Arcane Service (Better Mousetrap Games, $10)
  • Outremer (Better Mousetrap, $10)
  • Timemaster (Goblinoid Games, $6)
BONUS COLLECTION (threshold starts at $21.95 - retail $82)
  • Pirates & Dragons Core Rulebook (Cakebread & Walton, $25)
    + Dragon Isles Poster Map ($2)
  • Maelstrom Domesday (Arion Games, $15)
    Northern Crown (Atlas)
    New World Adventures ($15) + Gazetteer ($15)
  • Heirs to the Lost World (Obsidian Serpent, $10)

The way that this works is that the sooner you buy this, the cheaper the bonus collection. They're DRM-free PDFs. There are also going to be extra bonus items added as the offer progresses, anyone who pays the bonus rate will get them.

Ten percent of each purchase (after gateway fees) goes to this offer's designated charity, Reading is Fundamental.

Usual caveat - The main reason I know about this offer is because I'm on the list to get this stuff free if I want it. In this case I do, but even if I didn't it seems like a reasonable offer. If I think these are bad deals I'll say so.
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