Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Another Bundle Offer - Asia Fantastic

These are systems I don't know at all, but they looks interesting:

"This new collection features historical and modern games set in ancient China and modern Tibet.
This offer runs until Wednesday, September 23.

STARTER COLLECTION (US$9.95 - retail value $55)
  • Qin: The Warring States (Cubicle 7, retail $25)
  • Qin Bestiary (Cubicle 7, $15)
  • Ultimate Three Kingdoms Guide (Mystical Throne, $15)
  • (Legend, Savage Empires, & Entropic versions -$5 each)
BONUS TITLES (threshold starts at $18.95 - retail value $48)
  • Tibet: The Roleplaying Game (Vajra Enterprises, $15)
  • Qin Legends (Cubicle 7, $10)
  • Qin: The Art of War (Cubicle 7, $18)
As usual the way that this works is that the sooner you buy this, the cheaper the bonus collection. They're DRM-free PDFs. There will also be at least one extra bonus item added as the offer progresses, anyone who pays the bonus rate will get it/them.

Ten percent of each purchase (after gateway fees) goes to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Usual caveat - The main reason I know about this offer is because I'm on the list to get this stuff free if I want it. In this case I'm a little interested but doubt I'll use them, but it seems like a reasonable offer. If I think these are bad deals I'll say so.
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