Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Picspam - Swans, Trees, Infra-red, Queen Vic and Crossrail.

More pictures - I've reduced the size a little because there's nothing of huge significance.

Swans on the canal - I managed to miss two spectacular landings while I was getting my camera out, which was REALLY annoying.

Some trees in Kensington Gardens showing some nice autumnal colour changes

An infra-red view of one of the trees - some red-end visible light too, I think.

The Old Queen, Gord Bless 'er, outside Kensington Palace

And finally Crossrail, laying tracks into the tunnels at Royal Oak. I think that these are probably temporary tracks, which will be used to get a big concreting and track-laying train into the tunnel. Because the bridge I took these from has high side walls made of close-spaced steel grid (like VERY thick iron mesh) I had to stick the camera up on a monopod about 3ft above my head, which is why one is slightly wonky.


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