Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

What genre is this passage?

A small literary experiment:

I've edited a passage slightly to remove some identifying features. If you don't recognize it please say in comments what genre you think it is, when you think it was written, and what you think happens next. If you do recognize it please comment to say you recognize it, but don't otherwise comment.
Dried grasses and leaves gave under him, then remoulded about his body, and the fine scent of them filled his nostrils as he fell asleep easily. He did not dream at all.

When he awoke, the door of the big room stood ajar and from that direction he heard the call of birds. Still rubbing sleep from his eyes, T_______ rolled out of the bunk. The fire on the hearth was out and there was no one else in the room. But the clean smell of a new day in the Wild drew him out on the ledge, to stand looking down into the valley of the lake.

Something rose and fell with a regular stroke not far from the shore, and he realized he was watching a swimmer. A series of steps cut in the rock led down from the ledge, and T_______ followed them. Then a loose sleeping robe draped over a bush beckoned him on and he shed his own in turn, testing the temperature of the water with his toes, plunging into it in a clumsy dive before he could change his mind because of that chill greeting.

T_______ floundered along the shore, being no expert as was that other now heading, with clean arm sweeps and effortless kicks, back from the centre. His threshing disturbed mats of floating blossoms shed by trees bordering a rill that fed the lake at this point, and the bruised petals patterned his wet skin as he found sandy footing and stood up, shivering.

'Storm cold,' he commented as R_______ waded in.

The other stopped to wring water from his braided hair knot and then, surveying T_______'s dappled body, he laughed.

'A new refinement -- flower baths?'

I'll post more on this in a day or two.

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