Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Cheap Blackberry Tablets

Morgan computers have been selling refurbished used 64GB blackberry tablets at £40 for a while. They've now got an offer for £20 + £5 delivery - this page and enter the discount code BLACK99 on checkout:

The offer appears to be for today only.

I'm not sure how useful these are - given that they've reduced the price to this extent there are probably snags - but I thought I'd pass it along. The specification looks reasonable for a media/web tablet, and they can apparently run some Android applications. Although I already have an iPad I'm going to get one to try out some Android programs such as Alite, the Android version of Elite, it isn't a huge risk. I'll post more on it when I've tried it. And probably sell it on eBay once I'm done with it.

Usual warning - I'm on Morgans mailing list so saw this advertised - there may be better offers out there I'm not aware of.

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