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Another RPG bundle offer - world building stuff

Another of these RPG offers, this time aimed at people who want to create their own RPG campaigns

"This is the all-new third installment in a popular annual series presenting collections of gamemastering resources. These ebooks help you create and run your own roleplaying campaign. We have advice on building entire worlds from scratch, preparing play sessions, improvising when players hare off in new directions, and much more. And we're pleased to present the first .PDF version anywhere of Gamemastering Secrets, Aaron Rosenberg's treatise from Grey Ghost Press, published in 2002, that includes many essays from star designers like Kenneth Hite, Matt Forbeck, James M. Ward, Frank Mentzer, and many more.

We provide each ebook complete in .PDF (Portable Document Format). Like all Bundle of Holding titles, these books have NO DRM (Digital Restrictions Management), and our customers are entitled to move them freely among all their ereaders.

Ten percent of each purchase (after gateway fees) goes to this offer's designated charity, Doctors Without Borders.

The total retail value of the titles in this offer at launch is US$110. Customers who pay just $6.95 get all three titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $62) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:
  • Never Unprepared (Engine Publishing, retail price $10): Gnome Stew's Phil Vecchione shows how to prepare games faster, avoid pitfalls, and have a more relaxed kind of fun.
  • A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture and A Magical Society: Silk Road (Expeditious Retreat, total retail $52): Map your world using tectonics, ecological conflict, and historical patterns of cultural development. Then develop realistic overland trade routes and a trade system with over 1,000 goods.
Those who pay more than the threshold (average) price, which is set at $15.95 to start, also get our entire Bonus Collection with four more titles (retail value $48):
  • Unframed - The Art of Improvisation for Gamemasters (Engine Publishing, retail $10): Improvise like a -- like a -- uh, well, like someone who thinks really fast with these essays from Jason Morningstar, Emily Care Boss, Robin D. Laws, and others.
  • Gamemastering Secrets (Grey Ghost Press, $18): Originally published in 2002, this treatise (on becoming an amazing GM) debuts in .PDF in this offer. The main text by Aaron Rosenberg is accompanied by articles by Matt Forbeck, Kenneth Hite, and many more.
  • An Echo, Resounding (Sine Nomine, $10): Kevin Crawford (Stars Without Number) gives practical tools to create empires, run mass combats, and transform ordinary adventurers into monarchs.
  • GM Mastery: NPC Essentials (RPGObjects, $10): Johnn Four of shows how to inject life into your nonplayer characters."
After launch they're adding at least one more title. As usual, the earlier you pay enough to get the bonus collection the cheaper it is, but you get the surprise item(s) regardless of when you buy it.

Standard disclaimer - I get free downloads on this stuff, so I'm biased towards recommending it. Some of this stuff interests me, which hasn't been the case on all of these offers, and it seems a reasonable deal, plus it aids Doctors Without Borders which is a charity I support. But your mileage may, of course, vary.

On a related matter, I seem to post a lot of these - as I asked a while ago, is there anyone who is annoyed by this?

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