Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Various updates

Calculator - the guy in Italy seems to be pleased it's arrived which hopefully means he won't be returning it.

Laptop - a local firm can fix it - not cheap, but not as bad as I'd feared. Naturally the excess on my household policy plus the amount I'd lose if I lost the no claims bonus means that it isn't quite worth making an insurance claim.

20" iMac G4 - Ready to sell, but I'm going to wait until the New Year so that people hopefully have a little more money. Hopefully the profit will cover the laptop repair.

Network Solutions - just tried to convince me to use them to buy my own domain again. The same one. Which is particularly annoying since I opted out of their mailing list the last time... I think a strongly worded message may be called for.

Crossrail - some more photos of temporary track being made going back a few weeks:


Ducks - some Muscovy (I think) ducks I saw rummaging around leaves in Kensington Gardens, well away from the Round Pond towards the end of November. Not sure what they were looking for.


later - uninvitedcat tells me the "ducks" are Egyptian geese. I never claimed to be an ornithologist, but I should have spotted they were a bit big to be ducks...

Fanfic - still posting Bad Medicine but will have it done tomorrow, I think. Given how much background reading you need to do to understand what the hell's going on I'm not posting it here.

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