Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

A friend is trying to identify a children's SF novel which I know I read in the late fifties or early sixties:

I have a memory from ooh 40+, maybe nearly 50 years back. YA scifi book. Man ends up in smoky eastern European type café with set of Russians. They are going off to Jupiter or Saturn in their flying saucer which looks like a flying saucer with four twisty vertical arms coming up off the rim with strange blobs attached (book is illustrated, you understand). On arrival (no gravity problems, no temperature problems, no swirling clouds of methane, just land on normal surface) the locals collar them and house them in 3 large glass man-shaped houses. Four scientists get Einstein (or such-like), 3 poets get Pushkin (or such-like), and the misfit lives alone in the glass angry man. Eventually flying saucer 2 – 3 arms (or was it the other way round?) come and rescue them.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Anyone recognize it?

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