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Bloody Securicor

I was going to type a long rant about Securicor, who will
(a) not redirect packages from someone's home to their place of work without a fax from the sender and
(b) repeatedly ignore such faxes when they are sent and
(c) are currently sitting on 25 copies of Diana: Warrior Princess, two of Angel of the Revolutuion and 12 of The Syren of the Sky.

But I don't think I need bother... you've already got the idea.

Much later: So I got home to discover that someone was in the flat below (stayed home from school with a bad cold) and took delivery of one of the packages for me. 25 copies of Diana, which is just as beautiful as I was expecting. The artwork has reproduced extremely well, the best I've ever seen from Lightning Source. I'm very happy, and I'll be selling copies at the Dragonmeet RPG convention next month, with 20% of cover price going to Cancer Research UK. The publisher, Heliograph Inc. will have a stand and will be selling Diana..., the other books I've edited, and various Space 1889 titles.

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