Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Give me strength...

The guy who bought the iMac G4 is now saying that the casing is discoloured - e.g. isn't in pristine condition, which was made abundantly clear in the listing - and implying that he'll leave bad feedback if I don't give him a partial refund to go away. I've pointed out that he got £25 off my original sale price and that I undercharged for postage, and told him that if he's unhappy he should return it for refund, but of course he doesn't want to do that.

Why are people on eBay such idiots?

Meanwhile Italian Calculator Guy finally got around to making a PayPal claim, with a total lack of supporting detail. I've said that if he didn't receive what I sent it needs to be investigated properly, gave PayPal photos etc. and a rundown on events in which I resisted the urge to say that Calculator Guy is trying it on, and left it with them to resolve how it is settled. Still waiting to hear back on that one after nearly two weeks, which hopefully means that PayPal are talking to the Italian post office and law enforcement. Watch this space...

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