Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

iMac G4 update

Thanks to some last-second bidding over the weekend I hope I have speakers, an iSight camera, and Office 2004 for a total of about £25 plus postage, say £32 total, don't expect delivery for a couple of days. I also picked up one game, The Incredibles, in a charity shop for £1. This makes the grand total so far a smidgeon under £100, I think, but it may be a couple of quid over, I'm not tracking it that carefully. The actual computer has cleaned up very nicely - I thought there was one very small crack in the screen surround but it turns out to be a scratch, I think it's the first iMac G4 I've seen that didn't have a crack somewhere in the perspex. Still a few small marks which I hope will come off with a little more elbow-grease, and typical grime around the drive hatch and base which probably won't clean up completely, but it's already the best I've ever seen.

later - also picked up Soccer Football Manager 2007 - for 35p! Since the weather was lousy I spent the afternoon installing the new drives and OSX 10.5, then popped out to post a package and picked this up in a CEX store. VERY glad I didn't buy it for £1 when I got The Incredibles!

Meanwhile the guy who bought the last one has decided that since he didn't want to take me up on returning it for a full refund (because it was allegedly a bit grimier than expected, but I suspect because I didn't offer him any cash back to get a better review) his response would be to leave a "neutral" review: "Dirty and grubby condition" - unfortunately I left a review for him a couple of days after he bought it, when things seemed to have gone well, and since his review is allegedly neutral I don't get to reply. Since this doesn't actually affect my 100% positive rating I'm not too bothered, but I won't be selling to him again. Looking at his review history, he seems to leave a lot of negative and neutral feedback, much more than usual. Draw your own conclusions.

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