Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Various bits of good news (and some bad)...

Good news:

The iSight camera, Apple Pro Speakers and Office 2004 arrived today; all are in excellent condition, much better than I expected (the camera even has its box and manual), so I've just spent about half an hour installing Office and numerous updates. All I need now is the memory, and I can sell the thing.

I switched energy providers via a scheme the 38 degree lobbying people have set up - should save me a couple of hundred quid a year, at least for the initial year.

Not so good:

Dentistry has reared its ugly head again, and is going to be expensive. I can afford it, but it's annoying that my last motorbike and the roof repairs I had five years ago (which needed four storeys of scaffolding) were both cheaper than about an inch of bridgework. One of my former colleagues goes to the Czech Republic when she needs dentistry, it's a third the price there - she speaks Czech, of course, which probably helps a lot!

My hot water system threw a wobbly this morning - heating was working, water wasn't. Seems to be OK now, but it's possibly a sign of trouble to come. At least that one is insured.

So, basically a typical start to the year...

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