Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Watch out for outliers

The blood transfusion service asked me to fill in an on-line survey today, with a chance of winning £100. So I did this, and all went swimmingly until I got to a question near the end; "how many times have you given blood?"

So I entered my guess, which was 106 times (can't actually remember except it's over 100) and it said I was wrong. So I tried again with 104, 105, and so forth, and again got this message. Eventually realised that they probably didn't actually have access to my records, so tried again with 99 - which worked. The twit who designed the survey had assumed that it only needed two figures... Fortunately there was a bit at the end to say what you thought of the survey, and I pointed out the mistake. Willing to bet I don't get any acknowledgement - or win the money!

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