Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Yay Profit!

On Friday Portobello Road came up trumps with someone selling a Praktica body with a 50mm f2.8 Tessar, a 200mm f3.5 Soligor, and a cheapo Russian flash, all in a Benetton carrying bag. He wanted a tenner because the body wasn't working, I also found that the 200mm lens was a bit loose, and haggled the lot down to a fiver, but have since tightened a couple of screws and feel that the lens is sellable, and actually works pretty well. They'll be going on eBay tonight.

Saturday I went to a car boot sale and got a copy of Mac Office 2008 for £2. The box is a bit naff so I won't be selling it on its own, I'll bundle it with the next Mac I sell.

And today Pimlico boot fair obliged with another Mac power supply cable, three classical CDs, an aluminium table stand for an iPad, some pads of post-its, and a copy of Photoshop Elements 10 for Dummies, all for £4.50

Meanwhile the steam engine has topped £80 with a few hours to go. I'm guessing a final price in the nineties.

I'm supposed to be seeing a financial advisor tomorrow to discuss an investment bond that has matured. I'm very tempted to tell him I'll take the money, buy crap, and sell it on eBay and probably make more profit, but I'm not sure how well that would go down...

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