Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Final Praktica camera results

I forgot to say what happened about this - everything sold, and I ended up getting £40 for it!
£23.50 for the 50mm Tessar lens, to someone in Japan
£11.50 for the 200mm Soligor lens, to someone in the UK
£1.99 for the (broken) camera body, to someone in Greece
£3.99 for the camera bag, to someone in the UK
Not bad for something that cost me a fiver plus some time writing up the listings and packing - and everyone paid within minutes of buying which is not my usual experience, it's possibly my best evening on eBay from that point of view. Just hoping that there won't be any complications...

The steam engine sale also went well - sold for £92 and the buyer left very positive feedback.

My current batch of eBay stuff is a lot less exciting, just assorted Mac cables (Mini DVI adapters etc.) and chargers (for e.g. iBook and the early firewire iPod), a radio-controlled clock in crappy condition, an effects filter, etc. Details here if anyone actually needs any of this stuff.

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