Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Today's charity shop bargains

A copy of the 6th Darwin Awards book in hardcover for £2, and two 85W MagSafe chargers and two mains cables (one unfortunately USA) for £11. Both chargers appear to be the real thing - they're too well made and too battered to be fakes, you abuse a fake like that and it breaks - and both seem to work - I say seem because my laptop is currently 100% charged, I get a green light straight away without the green-yellow-charge-green sequence. I'm just running the battery down a bit before trying them again. Hopefully a nice little earner in my next tranche of ebay listings. Also saw a stack of CED videodiscs - I don't know anyone who actually uses them, but I'll post it on a laserdisc/home cinema forum I use, someone might be interested.

And I walked a couple of miles, so yay exercise!

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