Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

This weekend's markets and boot fairs

A bit disappointing, to be honest. Nothing apart from fruit etc. and a sudden downpour at Portobello Road on Friday, a couple of video cables and another Apple mains lead on Saturday, and an unopened model car kit (add to the pile for nephews birthdays and xmas) and the Zombies game today. That one was nice - cost me £2 and it's complete and looks virtually unplayed - I just counted the contents and there are 6 player figures, 100 plastic zombies and all of the tiles, cards, counters etc. that ought to be there. For some reason I don't own a copy - I think I previously bought it just before some friends married and ended up giving it to them unopened as a wedding present - so it's a nice one to add to my collection.

What I did see today, but didn't buy, were about 20 camera lenses, all old zooms etc. fitting cameras that didn't make the transition to digital (e.g. Praktica bayonet, original Olympus OM) and in shitty condition. I was tempted to ask prices, but they're pretty much unsellable so I wouldn't have wanted them even if they were ludicrously cheap.

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