Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Forgotten Futures Rules Revisions

This is mostly a question for those familiar with the Forgotten Futures rules.

While I'm trying to decide what to put into the next Forgotten Futures release, I'm working on the long-overdue rules revision.

For the most part this is simply cleaning up the text and HTML one way and another, changing or deleting stuff that seems to be poorly-explained or over-elaborate, and adding a few small illustrations, without actually making any fundamental changes to the way the game works. Additionally, I'm going to add some more appendices bringing in things from some of the game releases that seem to enhance the rules; the main things are:

A synopsis of the melodramatic style of play from FF VI, including the stuff about asides to the audience, soliloquies, etc., and the limitations, advantages, and traits described there.

Real-world prices for stuff that adventurers might buy.

A list of real-world monarchs, prime ministers, etc.

A VERY brief list of important real-world historical events.

Magic rules (based mainly on FF VIII, but also touching on the Ab-natural entities of FF IV.)

Brief stats for a few more machines etc.: a couple of air-ships from FF I, space ships from FF II, the Electric Pentacle from FF IV, æronefs from FF VII and FF IX, automata from FF IX.

Does this sound over-ambitious - a table of links to the different worldbooks could cover much of this ground - or should I be looking to add more, and if so what?

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