Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Well, nobody can say I didn't warn them...

With two hours 40 20 minutes to go the Sigma lens is up to £20 £22 £35.60 and watched by 31 people despite the facts that

a: It won't work properly on most Canons without modification
b: I haven't been able to test it properly because of (a)
c: I've spelled this out in considerable detail and
d: I'm not offering any warranty because of a-c

I can only assume that somewhere out there is at least one person with a REALLY early Eos camera, and/or someone who modifies these lenses for compatibility with modern bodies.

later - final price was £62 + P&P!

Reminds me to ask - prior to going digital, did Canon have any Eos body equivalent to the old F1, e.g. with interchangeable viewfinders? I really can't remember one, which seems a little odd.

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