Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Washer dryer update.

Consider me not impressed...

So far the sequence has been:
  • Thursday 28th April. Call in problem - earliest engineer available is Wednesday 4th May. Agree, rather grumpily.
  • Wednesday 4th May. Wait in all day. Nobody turns up - it eventually turns out that the engineer was told to go to the flat below (they also have a contract and their surname begins earlier in the alphabet, so I can see this sort of idiot mistake happening), tried to contact them but got no reply because their contact was at work with phone switched off. After nearly an hour of calls get through to someone who arranges for an engineer to call the following Monday, 9th May.
  • Monday 9th May. Engineer turns up, eventually says he's fixed a dodgy connection. Machine seems OK. Three hours later it turns out that it isn't OK, it's stopped working at the start of the spin cycle, full of wet clothes. Another half hour gets me another appointment for today.
  • Wednesday 11th May. Engineer turns up, eventually says it needs a new motor and controller board. Needless to say he doesn't have them in the van. They'll call me to set up another appointment, probably next week.
  • Late Wednesday night - email saying they will come out on Monday (today)
  • Monday 16th (today) - Phone call at 8 AM, the engineer is ill and they need to reschedule. The earliest day available is Thursday. Get email which does NOT give the appointment date. Use their live chat thing to confirm that it is, in fact, on Thursday and not yet another cockup in the making.
Stand by for Thursday's thrilling instalment...

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