Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

The last few day's bagains (I hope)

An action sequence camera - the type that takes 4 pictures on one frame of 35mm film. Paid £2, already bid up to £5.50 on eBay.
Two more Helios 58mm f2 camera lenses, both in reasonable condition. Paid £10 each, should sell for £20+
An optical slide copier - cost £2.50, should sell for a good deal more. The last one I had was in crap condition and sold for £8.
A couple of 100-sheet packs of laser labels - A4 1 label per sheet and 8 labels per sheet. Useful for me.
Another 17" iMac G4, with speakers. Cost £35, should sell for over £100 when I've shoved in a bigger hard disk and RAM etc. and added some extras and software.
A HUGE jar of Hayward's Pickled Onions for £2. Nommmm...
The complete House MD S8 for £1
3 Stargate SG1 DVDs for £1 the three
And a copy of a 1950s paperback, Easy Home Chemistry For Boys by P.T.Oram B.Sc., for 50p, which promises to provide endless hours of health and safety fun.

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