Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Wrote a cheque...

Just wrote a cheque for £200 to go to Cancer Research UK, which will be boosted to £250 by Gift Aid. Ignoring Gift aid, this takes the total raised over the years to £2290 - think I might add another tenner to make it a round £2300. Any money that comes in late will be put aside to add to the money I'll (hopefully) raise for charity when I put a tip jar on the site.

Trying to decide how I'll handle the site redesign. The easy way would be to make the current version of the FF CD-ROM available to download as a big zipped file, then later replace it with an updated version. The snag is that each download would eat a BIG chunk of bandwidth, and I come close to the limits every few months as it is. A complete redesign is probably a better bet, just a lot more work. But even with a redesign it would be nice to provide a complete file of the Forgotten Futures part of the site - but I know that there isn't enough room without my web hosting costs going through the roof.

One possibility is that I might put the zipped file out as a torrent and provide a download link for that. Does anyone have any experience of this who can recommend a good site for uploading etc.

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