Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Yesterday's eBay bargain...

...was another 17" iMac G4, which I somehow got for £15 - largely, I suspect, because it was collection only, and has the old black Apple Pro keyboard and mouse. Picked it up tonight and it's in VERY good condition, possibly the best I've ever seen as regards scuffs etc., and turns out to already have an Airport Extreme card - so I needn't have bought more this morning. They'll probably be useful if I keep on refurbishing these machines, so never mind. So far the only problem I've found is that the DVD drive doesn't appear to read DVDs - this is a common problem, I've had to replace drives in most of them. I already have memory, a much bigger hard drive, and the correct white keyboard (which by an odd coincidence I picked up at a car boot sale yesterday) and Magic Mouse so hopefully this will be a nice fast little earner - the only things I'll need to get are the plastic globe speakers and a replacement DVD drive. VERY pleased.

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