Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

A better day

Had a lie-in this morning and determinedly did not touch the iMac G4, it can wait for a wet day.

Instead I went out to post a couple of things and walked around a dozen or so charity shops. Result, I got a graphic novel I wanted, a milk jug (which I've been meaning to get for ages), and another TI-84 Plus calculator, the one that can be programmed from a computer and is horribly expensive. This one wasn't, and seems to work! The last one was sold to the Italian gentleman who claimed I'd sent him a job lot of old electrical junk, hopefully this one will be a little less traumatic.

I also dropped by a Cancer Research UK shop and paid in another £42, the payments that bounced or were returned from the Forgotten Futures people who didn't reply to my emails. That hopefully does mean the end of the shareware side of things, at least I fervently hope so.

Less good news is that Iceland no longer sell the diet sweet potato curry I particularly like - I'll have to sort out a recipe, or find another source.

Got home to find that the batteries have arrived for both of the watches I got on Saturday. Result, two working watches! I'm going to have to download the instructions and get the hands synchronised, at the moment they aren't, but everything else seems to be fine. I might keep the world time one, it's very cool looking, but the Waveceptor isn't as good as the one I already have, and even without a strap should earn a few bob.

And I've just sold the zip drive I got for £1 a couple of weeks ago for a couple of THOUSAND percent profit, so I'm in a much better frame of mind than this time yesterday.

This sounds like I'm obsessed with money, which isn't really the case. I just think that with the current weird state of things I need all the income sources I can get...

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