Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Today's Charity Shop Bargain...

Was a book best that had "Zoological Magazine - Linnaeus - Vol 4" on the spine, but when opened identified itself as

Historical Miscellany
Of the
Curiosities and Rarities
Nature and Art
New and Entertining Descriptions
Of the most surprising
Volcanos, Caverns, Cateracts, Whirlpools, Waterfalls, Earthquakes, Thunder, Lightning
And other wonderful and stupendous
Phenomena of Nature
Forming a Rich and Comprehensive View of all that is Interesting and Curious
In every Part of the Habitable World
volume the fourth

What it actually seems to be is a part work, a compilation of bits from 18th and 19th century books; for example, the first bit is "On the Nature and Phenomena of Comets" from the Encyclopaedia Londinensis which was published 1810; it looks much earlier because it still uses f for s in a lot of words, e.g. Underftood.

I doubt there's actually much of use to me, but it only cost £2.50 and does include things like a series of recipes for DIY fireworks (which I don't think I want to put on line) and some quite nice engravings of various birds and animals, so I think I got value for money.

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