Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Today's boot fair stuff

An old turquoise plastic iMac G3 keyboard and (ball) mouse, both USB and working well, for £3 - very retro and cute
An old ipod charger, the type with the firewire port, powering up properly, for £2
And a watch that looked nice but turned out not to be, but since I only paid £2 I'm not too bothered, I can probably sell the band for more than that.

Meanwhile the Lego kit has been bid up past £99 with a week to go. Probably won't go very much higher, someone has one without the box for a buy it now price of £125, but you never know your luck.

And the batteries for the Nikon Pronea APS SLR I bought last week have arrived, and that appears to be fully operational. Won't be hugely profitable, but it'll be a nice weird one for a collector, or someone who actually wants to use film and only has Nikon DX lenses. Just a real shame that the lens that came with it doesn't fit other Nikons - it's really teeny but Nikon deliberately built the Pronea lenses so they don't work with anything else. Theoretically the body isn't compatible with DX lenses either, but they seem to be OK.

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