Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

FF Rules Update

Just finished my first pass through and reformatting of the rules as they are. Mostly this involved replacing a lot of preformatted text with tables, lists, etc., adding more consistency in layout, removing all the section numbers for the different chapters (which made sense in a plain text document but don't with HTML), and generally making it a little less buggy and hopefully somewhat prettier.

Next stage is to add some illustrations and the extra sections I've previously mentioned, which will be a tougher job since there'll be a LOT of rewriting involved. Mostly it's editing stuff out and simplifying, which is never my favourite activity.

One thing - at the moment it's about a 233k document, with the extra parts it'll probably be more like 400-500K plus illustrations. That's a bit big, so I'm considering moving all the appendices to separate files (which has the advantage that the rules summary can also link to them if necessary). Does this seem sensible?

I'm hoping to get the rules update finished by the end of the month, and put it on line straight away for comments, then once any bugs are fixed add it to the FF CD-ROM, Charity CD, etc. Can't see any real reason to hold out for the next release of the game, and it gives me an excuse to announce new versions of the CD-ROMs (with rules update!) simultaneously. Calling this a cynical marketing ploy wouldn't necessarily be completely wrong...

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