Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Fame at last!

Just realised that tonight's Evening Standard has a letter I sent them a few days ago, in response to a photo and caption they printed on the 20th which doesn't appear to be on line, describing London's canals as being overgrown with algae.

The Benefits of Canal Duckweed

While it was nice to see your annual picture of the green canal in Little Venice [July 20] , the green plant in the water isn't algae but duckweed, a small leafed plant that is actually quite good for the environment. It takes up nutrients from the water that would otherwise go to algae, and its shade slows down the growth of algae.

It's also a very good food for ducks and could easily be harvested as animal fodder. There is some algae in the water but it isn't actually visible in the photo because the duckweed is in the way.

Marcus L. Rowland

The interesting thing about this is that they published the original picture on the 20th and I sent them an email in the evening. On Friday 22nd they published another article:

Which is basically saying what I said in my email.

Then published the email today, so it looks like a comment on their duckweed article!

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