Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

An interesting thing about CEX stores mail order...

CEX charge a fixed delivery price of £2.50 PER ORDER if you buy mail order from them. This is the same if you want one item or twenty. So, for example, I recently wanted a 1GB memory card for the iMac G4 I've been refurbishing, and the only shop that had it was in Liverpool. So if I'd just bought that it would have cost me £1.50 for the memory and £2.50 for postage, total £4 so not a wonderfully good deal. However, a quick check of some other prices got me four G4 compatible computer games at £0.25 each, and an old Apple Pro keyboard for £4. This was still just a single order, so I got the lot (in four separate packages) for £9, less than most eBay vendors would charge for the keyboard alone.

I suspect that if a lot of people start to do this they will start charging for postage a little more rationally, but until then it's potentially very useful.

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