Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Today's boot fair stuff

A Pentax Spotmatic and four Takumar lenses, all in very good condition and three (28/3.5, 135/2.8 and 200/3.5) complete with caps, filters, hoods, and cases. The fourth is a 50/1.4, which ought to be a very nice little earner and I suspect will pay for the whole lot; it doesn't have a case, but I've got a cloth bag for storage.
A Zenit with another Helios 58mm F2 lens, also in good condition and very cheap.
An iSight firewire camera, unfortunately no cables or stands but pretty cheap and works.
Some cables
and a couple of toys for various grand-nephews etc.

Spent more than I usually do, but I'm pretty sure I'll do well from it.

Meanwhile one of the Diana Lomography cameras I'm selling (which I can best describe as a cheaply made plastic toy) has been bid up from 99p to £26. Sometimes I really don't understand this stuff at all...

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