Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

And another eBay plonker...

I'm currently selling another 20" iMac G4. The price is £250 but I'm open to offers, and someone in Spain bid slightly less yesterday - the amount he entered was in my "OK, accept this" range, so the offer was automatically accepted. Now he's asked me to cancel because he didn't understand it worked that way. My guess, he saw the eye-watering amount eBay add to this, since I'd have to send it via the global shipping program, and realised he'd been an idiot. Oh well, yet another name to add to my list of blocked bidders...

A footnote to this - he later emailed me and said that if I lowered the price he _might_ be interested - AFTER offering me a price I was prepared to accept as noted above. I didn't bother telling him to get lost, it ought to be pretty obvious if he ever tries to buy from me again...

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