Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Dragonmeet Scenario - Case Nightmare Orange

If anyone was wondering, this is what I'll be running in the afternoon at Dragonmeet on December 3rd:

GM: Marcus Rowland
Scenario Name: Case Nightmare Orange
Game System: Diana: Warrior Princess
Description: As Queen Elizabeth approaches her ninetieth birthday there are rumours of trouble that may mar the ceremonies. Thatcher the Undead Chancellor has risen from her grave (again), the Church of England predicts the rise of an Anti-Queen, and strange lizard men seem to be doing their best to assassinate the adventurers. Oh, and the island of R'lyeh has apparently applied to join the UN, but that's probably someone else's problem.

Business as usual, in other words, for Diana: Warrior Princess and her friends...

At the moment I'm not planning to run anything in the morning, but this may change.
Tags: rpg

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