Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

500mm lens

I tried the cheap 500mm lens on the moon tonight - it wasn't a completely clear sky, but wasn't too bad. I think that the results aren't as good as with the telescope I tried a while ago, but better than I ever got with the mirror lens, largely because I could stop it down to get better definition. This is probably the best picture, 1000th second at F11 - I've converted it to monochrome since there were colour streaks caused by atmospheric effects.

and this is the picture I took with the telescope a while back - reduced in size a little to get it small enough for Photobucket

I want to try the lens under better conditions, but failing something really good turning up I think it's a reasonable lens for the occasional photo that needs it.

I still need to decide what to do about the telescope - the results are good (though it's a beast to aim and focus) but it's too big and heavy to set up casually, there are no impending astronomical events visible from the UK that might need it, and visibility from London is crap anyway due to light pollution, so I'll probably give it to my old school or something. Are there any charities or educational organizations that might want it, bearing in mind that it isn't in perfect condition?

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