Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

I am apparently an IP criminal!

I've just had an ebay listing for label printer tapes pulled because they are made for B*oth*r printers but are not actually made by B*oth*r, and I was stupid enough to say this up front rather than lie like most of the people who sell compatible products. I suppose that they have to protect their IP - what I'm not clear on (because I really can't summon up enough interest to check) is whether they are complaining about me selling them, which as far as I know is legal, or about me using the name B*oth*r and the product number for the Brother equivalent.

It's not a big deal - I paid £4 for 5 of them and they fit my own label printer anyway, so I probably save money in the long term by keeping them - but I did think compatible printer ribbons, tape, cartridges etc. were legal. Anyone know for sure?

And does anyone have a need for B*oth*r-compatible black on white 24mm label printer tape? Yours for postage plus a charity donation.

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