Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Today's eBay bargain...

...Really was, for a change.

About ten days ago I bought a job lot of old lenses and photographic stuff for about £24 including P&P. It finally arrived tonight while I was out (thank you, MyHermes, the world's worst and slowest couriers), and contains a staggering amount of stuff for the money, all in very good condition:
  • Chinon 135/2.8 with M42 T-mount (not the world's most useful fitting, but the T-mount can be swapped for most SLRs including modern ones for a couple of quid), caps, and case.
  • Optomax 200/4.5, same bat mount, caps, and case, boxed
  • Pentacon 30/3.5, M42 screw, with caps
  • Helios 58/2.0, M42 screw, with caps
  • Jessop optical slide viewer, M42 T-mount with box and instructions
  • A x2-x3 teleconverter, M42
  • Four filters including a 72mm polarizer
  • Set of M42 extension tubes (probably fairly worthless)
  • and various odds and ends including a box of flash bulbs, a bulb type flash that unfortunately uses different bulbs, two fairly crap electronic flashes, a large photo-viewing magnifier I'll probably keep for myself, and a pneumatic cable release.
Now all I have to do is write up the ebay listings...
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