Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

iMac update

Finished the upgrade of the 1ghz 17" iMac G4, which is now 2GB RAM, OSX 10.5 250gb hard drive, with a fairly new DVD writer, camera, and Apple's Pro Speakers and iSight camera. Unfortunately it's the one with some stuck pixels (I think they are stuck rather than dead, since I can see the mouse pointer faintly if I put it there) and so far I haven't found a fix for this that will work on a G4 outside the area of a browser window. Anyone got any suggestions?

It all went well apart from one dead DIMM - a bit of a PITA to fix since it was the one inside rather than the user-replaceable one, but nowhere near as bad as swapping out the drives.

One annoyance - I was going to include a copy of office 2004, largely because it can be used as the "key" for Office 2008 Upgrade version, but it turned out that the box actually contained a copy of Office X, which is even earlier, and didn't have a valid install key. I'd complain, but since I think I paid 50p for it in a charity shop it's hardly worth the effort! Fortunately I've also got a copy of iWork 08 spare, I'll include that instead.

Tomorrow I'll clear up enough to take some photos without my back room looking like a tip and list it on ebay, at say a tenner off what I would normally charge because of the screen problem. Once that's done I just need to wait for the ram to do the 700mhz machine, and get that listed. And after that I really think I'm going to stop messing around with these machines, as I've said once or twice before...

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