Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Forgotten Futures Rules Update

I've put the revised version of the Forgotten Futures Rules on line as

Or as a zip file

For the moment the links to the rules on my web sites point to the old version, I want to be sure there are no problems before this becomes the only on-line version.

At the moment the main rules are the only thing updated; the summary rules, tables, etc. are still in their original form, waiting for me to sort them out.

What's different?
  • I think that the presentation is considerably better, and I've fixed a lot of problems with grammar, spelling, etc.
  • I've incorporated the melodrama rules from FF VI, magic from FF VIII, some of the real world stuff from various worldbooks, and gadgets and other fun stuff from most of them.
  • There are a lot more links to on-line resources etc.
  • It's illustrated.
The down-side of this is that it's a bigger file, about a megabyte by the time all the illustrations are downloaded, 880k as a zip file.

What I need now is for people to look through, preferably using as many different computers and web browsers as possible, and see if they can find any problems such as formatting that doesn't work properly, broken tables, links, etc. I've been working mostly in Opera and checking occasionally in IE6 and Firefox, but only on a PC. Mac, Linux and other users would be helpful.

Later: Spotted a couple of errors (such as a chapter link that's going to the wrong damned chapter), also realised I hadn't run a macro that automates some stuff that I usually forget to do when I'm writing HTML, such as putting parameters in quotes. I've also got the summary rules sorted, just a matter of pruning away about 3/4 of the rules... Accordingly I've uploaded it again with corrections.

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