Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Canon again

Now listed on eBay - and I was able to test that everything apart from the card slot works by taking a photo with it tethered to a computer to bypass the need to save in the camera, which would be great if the software wasn't ludicrously expensive and I actually wanted to take every picture with the camera plugged in...

I've already had one bid, with 9 days 23 hours to go, so hopefully it'll earn some money.

Once I've sold this and the Sony and have a bit of cash I'll look at getting a good Canon body and a good macro zoom, and selling off my Nikon gear as I get Canon equivalents. I'll be keeping the D50 body, I think, if only to test lenses, since they don't sell for much these days.

An Eos 400D would actually suit me reasonably well, in terms of performance and resolution etc., but since I've got to sell this one I might as well think about alternatives - preferably with SD cards rather than CF considering how prone CF is to damage. What's around second hand at the moment that gives 10 megapixel or better performance and won't break the bank?

later - looks like the 450D is very similar but slightly higher resolution and uses SD cards, the 500D is bit of a price hike but adds live preview which could be quite useful. Anyone know anything against either of them?
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