Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Today's Bootfair Stuff

 Slightly weird - some sealed IBM VXAtape X23 230 meter 80/160/320gb data cartridges. These seem to be staggeringly expensive e.g. £30+ for a similar specification catridge (not IBM) from Misco, but I suspect they go a long time between orders, ditto the people on eBay who are asking £100 and up. I think I'm going to try £7.50 each, does that seem fair? Anyone got any current info on this?

later - on closer examination five are sealed, one is a cleaning tape and one isn't sealed. I think I'll try selling them as a job lot, otherwise it gets too complicated. I think £39.99 is about right - It's cheap by the usual pricing of these tapes, and I'll still make a good profit.

Update - these have already sold, so I could have probably gone a bit higher. Never mind, I'm making a good profit. One to watch out for in future, I suppose, but like a lot of these things it'll probably be a one-off.
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