Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

The weekend's bargains

Friday was a surprise - I went to Portobello road for fruit, groceries etc. and came home with a Canon Eos 7000 35mm body and 38-76mm autofocus zoom (which I think is possibly the least useful focal length range I've ever heard of) for £5, and a Russian light meter for £3. More eBay fodder, since the lens really isn't terribly nice, I think it was a low-end special only sold with the 7000 body

Then on Saturday I got another 17" iMac G4 for £30, a set of Apple pro speakers to go with it (from a different vendor) for £3, and a Canon Eos 350D (under the US name of Rebel XT) for £15. The G4 will be my next upgrade project, which I meant to start on tonight but didn't, the camera is working but the battery has nearly run down and it doesn't have a charger.

I've ordered a USB charger for £3.99, my plan at the moment is that the 350D will become my camera for testing lenses, replacing the current 300D, which will go onto eBay once I'm completely sure the 350D is OK. There isn't a huge difference between the models - 8 Megapixels versus 6 is the most obvious, but the important one for usability is that the 350D is USB 2 so I can download the pictures fast without having to faff about with card readers, and allegedly has better battery life.

And Sunday? Nine or ten photographic filters for a fiver - nothing terribly interesting, but I can always use skylight and UV filters, the rest have gone into a big job lot I shoved out on eBay, the left-overs from the last couple of months of boot fairs etc. Already on £8.50 with nine days to go, so hopefully they'll make some profit.

All in all a reasonably successful weekend!


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