Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Picspam - Out and About

Out and about with my bridge camera - and an essential photographic aid, a bag of mixed fruit and nuts...

It turns out that some squirrels are easily bribed

but get skittish eventually

The feral parakeets in the park also seem to be partial...

At one point I had one on my head, one on my arm, and a couple more on my hand picking through the nuts to find the best ones.

I'd run out before I got to the swans

I didn't try this guy either, which may be why he looks a bit resentful - I think he's a black goose, not 100% sure, he was big enough to be a small swan:

Later: reliably informed that it is a black swan.

And some of my usual and not so usual subjects from recent weeks

The St Pancras Station Hotel, from the grounds of the British Library.

Albert Memorial statuary

A twisty tree

The usual horseman

And a Henry Moore by the Serpentine

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