Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Stupid (I hope) WaterFox question

I just switched to Waterfox because the new version of Firefox has killed the add-ons I like. There's one stupid problem so far:

In Firefox, if I close all tabs the browser opens the home page, which until the last firefox update was Superstart, a speed dial add-on which is MUCH better than the equivalent in Firefox.

In Waterfox, if I close all tabs the browser closes. This means that if I want to close a browser window and open Superstart (and I usually do) I have to open a new tab for Superstart first. So far, I've forgotten and shut the program more often than not. It sounds trivial, but I've been working the other way since I first used Firefox a good few years ago, and it's proving hard to break the habit.

Anyone know if there's a setting that can be changed to open the homepage if all the other tabs are shut? It's not showing up under options, and at the moment the help screen switches you to the Firefox help pages!

later - just realised there's a security / privacy issue here - if this happens when you have a private window open it closes, but Waterfox will still be open if you have any tabs open. This could easily lead to someone opening a page that they don't want tracked when they THINK that they are still in privacy mode.

SOLVED - Someone on the Waterfox reddit gave me the answer:

open "about:config"
search for "browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab"
toggle to "false"
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