Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

New Toy!

It's my birthday this week and I treated myself to a used Samyang 8mm f3.8 fisheye for my Nikon, which arrived today. Needless to say the weather was lousy, but I took it to the park and tried it out on some familiar landmarks such as the Italian Gardens and the Albert Memorial.

Sometimes the curving effect is very surreal, a bit like Inception etc.

My camera doesn't meter with it fitted, but I'm used to guesstimating exposure and only had a couple of duds, and on a digital camera a trial photo or two isn't much of a problem. My initial thoughts are that this will be fantastic in areas with interesting architecture etc., and that I really ought to carry another, longer lens when I use it, since it's a very specialised optic and isn't much use for general photography.

The full album is here

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