Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Looking for Scientific Romances

For the last few years I've been trying to get hold of various books, magazines, etc., without much success. Here's the current wants list, which I don't think I've ever posted to livejournal; in the unlikely event that you have any of this stuff, or see it at a vaguely affordable price, please let me know.

Wanted - Scientific romances (Victorian / Edwardian SF) and some other material, for my collection and for scanning and electronic publication. Condition not too important, provided that text is readable and graphics are clean.

Illustrated editions preferred (not 1st edition unless VERY cheap), but modern reprints will also do very nicely:

    by F. Anstey

      Tourmalin's Time Cheques (1891)
      (alternate titles The Time Bargain, Tourmalin's Cheque Book)
      In Brief Authority (1915)

    by George Griffith

      Gambles with Destiny (collected stories 1898)
      The Great Pirate Syndicate (1899)
      The Lake of Gold (1903)
      A Woman Against the World (1903)
      The World Masters (1903)
      The Stolen Submarine (1904)
      The Great Weather Syndicate (1906)
      The Lord of Labour (1911).

    by Ignatius Donelly

      Caesar's Column (1891)

    By Robert William Cole

      The Struggle for Empire (1900)

    by Fred T. Jane

      The Incubated Girl (1896)
      To Venus in Five Seconds: An Account of the Strange Disappearance of Thomas Plummer, Pillmaker (1897)
      The Violent Flame: A Story of Armageddon and After (1899)

    Author unknown

      The Eyes of Light (novel published prior to 1901)

    Pall Mall Magazine Volume V, 1895-6.

    Pearson's Magazine bound volumes:

      Volumes 2 and 18 onwards
      (July-Dec1896 and July 1904 onwards)

    Strand Magazine bound volumes:

      Volumes 25-42, 44 onwards
      (1903-1911, July 1912 onwards)

    The Idler magazine

      Volume I (ending July 1891), Volume III (February 1893 onwards) and all subsequent volumes.

    The London Magazine, volume V

    Pearson's Weekly for January 14th 1893 and January 21st 1893 (and any other issues that may be available)

    The Windsor Magazine, Vol XXIII, Dec 1905-May 1906 (and other issues).

    I am also interested in borrowing this material, if it can be scanned, and will pay postage etc.; however, most books do suffer some damage from flattening etc, this is probably only worth considering if the book is so far gone you don't mind it taking further damage.

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