Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Free Library at Hammersmith Station

This was in a Freegle mailing today and seems interesting:

Books needed for a local free ‘Community Library’ (just a bookcase) at Hammersmith D&P Underground station, inside Hammersmith Broadway shopping mall (W6 8AB).

If there are books you won’t read again and you would like to free some space at home, Hammersmith Underground Station will be delighted to receive and offer them to the public. 

You may want to write on them: ‘Donated by (your name or nickname)’ and add a short enriching comment on it. Perhaps others will follow and each book will display a trail of its readers’ enjoyment.

If you could drop them at the station, just ask to be directed to the bookcase (which will be placed this weekend) or to the Control Room, in case the bookcase happens to be full. Otherwise, we will need to arrange the collection at a tube station suitable for us both.

I'll probably drop in a few next week, see what's happening.

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