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Another bundle offer - Campaign Cartographer

This is I think the first of these offers to focus on software - it's Campaign Cartographer, a well-regarded Windows suite for mapping pretty much anything you might need in an RPG. Apologies for the crappy formatting - the web page for this one is a horrible mish-mash of fonts etc., and I lack the patience to sort it out.

"Mappers! For the first time anywhere, ProFantasy Software brings you a bargain-priced bundle featuring Campaign Cartographer 3+, the tabletop roleplaying hobby's flagship mapping program, for Microsoft Windows. Authors, game designers, and thousands of gamers have beautifully mapped the worlds of their imagination with Campaign Cartographer. Now, for an unbeatable price, this Campaign CartographerBundle brings you digital downloads of the latest and best version, Campaign Cartographer 3+, along with its Dungeon Designer 3 plug-in, the Tome of Ultimate Mapping tutorial guide, and over a dozen Style Packs, symbol sets, and map collections.

ProFantasy's Core Collection includes the latest Windows version of Campaign Cartographer 3+ (retail price $40) plus the
Tome of Ultimate Mapping (retail $20), a 710-page tutorial guide with more than 150MB of support files like example maps, symbol catalogs, tutorial files, and templates. You get both of these, a combined US$65 retail value, for just $29.95 -- an unprecedented 54% discount.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $65.26, you'll level up and also get serial numbers redeemable for ProFantasy's Bonus Collection with no less than fourteen more products worth an additional $136: the fabulous
Dungeon Designer 3 plug-in (retail $40) for CC3+ and more than a dozen Style Packs, tool sets, and map collections originally released as part of ProFantasy's Cartographer's Annual series. The entire offer has a total retail value of $201, one of the richest in Bundle history.

Each purchase also includes a discount code, good through May 31, for 10% off the price of any purchase at the
ProFantasy webstore

CC3+, along with the rest of these programs, runs on any Windows PC with Windows XP or better, and requires 2GB of disk space. 
Ten percent of your payment (after payment gateway fees) will be donated to this offer's designated charity,

I'm a bit ambivalent about this one - it isn't something I want to use, but it's the cheapest I've ever seen it. If you make your own maps and building plans it may be a worthwhile investment, though there's a steep learning curve. If you use a Mac or Linux box there are obvious issues, though not insurmountable. As usual a lot depends on what you already own and what you actually want to do.

I think this ends up as a definite maybe. Or not, as you prefer.

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