Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Printer update

The Brother printer arrived - first impressions smaller than the old Ricoh and quieter, and set up considerably easier on Windows; I'll try Mac and iPad wireless later, once I've been to the post office and got some shopping. One thing that's immediately obvious is that the toner units are a lot smaller than the Ricoh, which means that the page count is lower - but they're dirt cheap if you buy generic cartridges, e.g. you get a set of four for about £28, the same price as one Ricoh recycled cartrige - Brother's own cartridges are £50 each.

Later - The Mac install is dead easy too, except the setup disk isn't up to date with OS-X so you have to download the drivers from Brother. Took about three minutes to get going.

later still - forgot to say that "deep sleep" power consumption turns out to be under 1W.

more later - and the set of toners for £28 is actually five, not four, with an extra black included. I've ordered a high-capacity black now so that I can't be caught out with that.
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