Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Quickie Mac Question and Bread Machine Update

I picked up an old Mac Mini at a car boot sale today - an early 1.85ghz Intel model, unfortunately one of the ones with a CD drive rather than DVD. I say unfortunately because I need to erase the hard disk and set it up before I sell it on, and the only copy of OS-X 10.5 I have is on DVD.

Is it possible to transfer it to a USB stick and boot from that? Or boot from an external DVD drive and use that? Or am I going to have to bite the bullet and install an internal DVD drive?

I forgot to say what happened about the bread machine, which was that the charity shop had one for a tenner! The make is "Mellerware" which I've never heard of, I'd be surprised if it's been used more than once or twice, and it appears to be operationally identical to my old Morphy Richards machine except that the mixing tub is larger and can accommodate a full sized loaf (the old one was about a 3/4 size). Interestingly the way that the tub fits into the machine and connects to the motor is identical, so I can use the tub from my old machine if at any point I need to do multiple loaves for some reason. No "add the ingredients later" hopper, but I managed without that for a good few years so I'm not too disappointed. I've done a couple of loaves now and it works well, so I'm very pleased.

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