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Computer Horror Stories

Just went out for a meal with Matt Goodman of Heliograph Inc., who is in the UK for the Dragonmeet RPG convention on Saturday. We talked about Diana..., Forgotten Futures, and his own Zeppelin Age game, and traded various computer and laboratory horror stories.

Somewhere in there I mentioned that I'd just installed a Microsoft security patch before coming out, and he said "I hope your computer reboots all right afterwards." It did, but I didn't do anything else with it. Matt's comment got me a little worried, because Microsoft said that particular patch was irreversible, but I shrugged it off...

When I got home tonight I logged on to get my e-mail, and found that I no longer had net access. Messed around with settings for five or ten minutes, rebooted, etc.... then noticed that the light on the network hub that represents the port used by my PC wasn't lit. To cut a long story short, it turns out that this port has suddenly stopped working, and that everything was fine once I swapped the cable to another. Which is a good thing, because I really didn't want to have to reinstall the software and start from scratch again.

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