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Marcus L. Rowland

Another RPG bundle offer - Paranoia RED Clearance Bundle

This is a new version of one of my favorite games - Paranoia, the classic nightmare vision of life in a panopticon society controlled by an insane computer - no, not Facebook...

By far the most popular comedic RPG in tabletop gaming for 35 years, Paranoia has had several editions. Past Bundle offers presented the 2004 "XP" version from Mongoose Publishing (June 2014) and, in March 2016, the original 1980s West End Games adventures that made Paranoia great. In November 2014 Mongoose completed a spectacularly successful PARANOIA Kickstarter campaign that raised £217,517 from 4,380 patrons for a new, streamlined "RED Clearance Edition." This offer presents the RCE rulebooks, forms, play aids, and several adventures, including the updated YELLOW Clearance Black Box Blues, widely considered the funniest RPG scenario ever.

We provide each ebook complete in .PDF (Portable Document Format). Like all Bundle of Holding titles, these books have NO DRM (Digital Restrictions Management), and our customers are entitled to move them freely among all their ereaders.

Ten percent of each purchase (after gateway fees) goes to this offer's designated charity, Human Rights Watch.

The total retail value of the titles in this offer is US$118. Customers who pay just US$19.95 get all three titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $51) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete Paranoia RED Clearance Edition (retail price $30); the newest Forms Pack (retail $9); and the Paranoia Interactive GM Screen (retail $12).

Those who pay more than the threshold (average) price, which is set at $32.95 to start, also get our entire Bonus Collection with four more titles worth an additional $67, including the introductory Guide to Alpha Complex (retail $15); Gareth Hanrahan's full-length mission Implausible Deniability (retail price $12) and Martin Dougherty's mission Robots of Unusual Size (retail $10); and the newly revised classic adventure by John M. Ford, The YELLOW Clearance Black Box Blues (Remastered) (retail $30).

This is an interesting one - some real efforts have been made to make the game accessible to new players. Unfortunately my impression, after a fairly short perusal, is that it is reducing actual content, the "look and feel" of the setting, and putting a lot of weight onto rules changes and the use of a lot of cards for things like "actions", "equipment" and so forth, which reduce compatibility with previous releases of the game. Incidentally, the cards come as a 40-page PDF printing as only three coloured cards per page, which will burn through a lot of ink/toner if you print them full sized!

Having said that, the Bonus Collection includes arguably the best Paranoia adventure ever, John M. Ford's The YELLOW Clearance Black Box Blues, and new material by some very good authors including Britain's James Wallis. I think it's well worth a look, especially if you don't own an earlier version of the system - this is a must-have, one of the classic RPGs, and anyone who tells you otherwise is obviously a mutant Commie traitor who deserves to be [REDACTED]
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